We - Pedro and Rosie, the founders of SOKOH Collective - knew from the beginning that we wanted to only work with natural  fabrics. But as we dove deeper into the world of fabrics, we discovered how just unsustainable some ‘natural’ fabrics could be.

Natural fabrics and woven from fibres that grow - in one form or another - in our natural world. Animal and vegetable produce fibres are most commonly used in fashion fabric production. And while we greatly appreciate that a natural fibre is usually more environmentally friendly than a synthetic fibre which is usually formed through a harmful chemical process, the ‘natural’ stamp just wasn’t enough for us.

We wanted to make sure that the fabrics we were using weren’t exploiting people or lands. By choosing to work with certified fabrics, you - our customer - is able to hold us accountable and we - the founders - are able to guarantee fabric traceability.

Our main line is crafted from GOTS certified organic Baby Terry, and our premium line is crafted from GOTS certified Bamboo Cotton fleece, ensuring that our fabrics are sourced and made ethically and sustainably from seed to final product.

GOTS Certification essentials:

  • Environmentally friendly production and processing processes
  • Respect and improvement of working conditions
  • Promotion of the use of fibres from organic agriculture
  • Prohibition of hazardous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.

Sourcing GOTS certified fabrics takes time and is a serious commitment, including financially, however sustainability truly is at our core and so working with these fabrics was imperative.

If you’d like to learn more about GOTS certification, head on over to our blog explaining what criteria needs to be met.

The cuffs of our cropped and oversized sweatshirts are cut from a recycled blend of cotton spandex, and since this fabric has to be purchased in rolls, we decided to use the excess fabric to create crop tops and dresses. Since these pieces aren’t crafted from certified organic fabrics, we donate 20% of every sale of these pieces to BioRock Indonesia, an NGO engaging local communities in coral reef conservation and restoration. 

BioRock’s mission is to “empower local communities, and to protect and restore coral reefs as well as shorelines.” So far, with the help of previous partners and sponsors, they have trained more than 1000 people in 13 villages in restoring 200km2 of destroyed coral reefs and 5km of eroded shorelines. We are so excited to be able to support BioRock Indonesia

Visit the BioRock Indonesia website to learn more about what they do and how our donations help.